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POSSE PLS Permitting Software

Explore the features of our permitting software solution.

Permitting Software Customer Pain Points

An agency seeking a new web-based permitting system is typically experiencing one or more of the following pain points in their organization:

Limited Service Delivery Options

Remote friendly services for web & mobile are outdated or lacking

Online Services Fail to Meet Current Standards

Antiquated mobile-unfriendly websites for application & payment

Restricted Public Engagement Capabilities

Reduced or restricted capabilities for ePlan review, community engagement, information sharing and document management

Insufficient Mobile Capabilities

Inspectors lack mobile tools to maximize time spent in the field

Reporting Deficiencies

Data is siloed creating process inefficiences and data quality issues

Permitting Software Functional Overview

POSSE PLS Permitting and Inspections offers the best of both worlds: with a vast library of preconfigured workflows and permit types (based on ICC best practices), as well as full compatibility with your existing permitting structure.

Powerful, Interconnected Processing

POSSE PLS links all aspects of your data, allowing you to navigate seamlessly between any related data elements.

Equip Your Inspectors

Using POSSE Mobile, inspectors can take pictures, attach documents, insert free-form comments, or pick from pre-defined lists of standard clauses and Code references.

Ease of Use for Applicants

The public portal guides an individual or organization through all steps of the permit application process, including application details, required documents, and permit application fees.

Permit Tracking

POSSE PLS tracks the entire lifecycle of permits and licenses, from application to renewal and expiration.

Permitting Software Key Benefits

A properly designed permitting software system accommodates all current & future application types with minimal configuration and/or user intervention.

Application Management

Supports the applications and system workflows for a juridiction's planning, permitting, licensing, and compliance functions.

Permitting & Licensing

Streamlines and automates the processes for permit & license issuance, monitoring, reviews and approvals.

Electronic Plan Review

Capabilities include review, markup, and comparison of electronic plans with version control to facilitate parallel review & markup.


Equips field inspectors to access account details, generate inspection documents and provide timely results to citizens.

Workflow automation within the permitting software system streamlines each process, standardizing and reusing repeatable processes, automating task assignments, and managing documents.

Document Management

Document management services include repository, metadata, search, versioning, audit, lifecyle, access control and more!

Reporting and Searching

Equips staff to produce standard planning, permitting, licensing & compliance reports along with custom, ad-hoc reports & queries

Community Engagement

Manages activity related to development projects including tracking the stakeholders involved, the process and the outcomes.

Payment & Finance

Administers Permitting and Licensing financial services including fees, payments, refunds, receipting, cashiering and invoicing

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