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Case Studies

Learn how our clients have been able to increase efficiency, save time and money, and do their jobs better by using POSSE solutions.

AGCO Case Study

How AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) leveraged POSSE ABC as an enterprise solution to streamline regulation and online services for liquor control, gaming, horse racing, and recreational cannabis.


City of Pittsburgh Case Study

Learn how the City of Pittsburgh's implementation of a POSSE solution led to a 40% increase in revenues with a 500% increase in permit activity.


City of Philadelphia Case Study

With POSSE as the foundation and eCLIPSE the destination, Philadelphia L&I is now fully equipped to deliver the agency’s vision of a citizen friendly online environment working seamlessly alongside core processing systems.


City of Edmonton Case Study

The City of Edmonton was the very first POSSE client. Learn about how they immediately began to see the benefits of their POSSE solution!


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