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Case Studies

Learn how our clients have been able to increase efficiency, save time and money, and do their jobs better by using POSSE solutions.

City of Edmonton Case Study

The City of Edmonton was the very first POSSE client. Learn about how they immediately began to see the benefits of their POSSE solution!


State of Kansas Case Study

The state of Kansas uses the POSSE Alcoholic Beverage Control solution to manage their liquor licensing. Learn how it has helped them save time, money, and resources!


The Story of POSSE

Our innovative POSSE product was created in 1995, through hard work and taking a big risk to develop something that had never been done before. Learn more here!


Mecklenburg County Case Study

Mecklenburg County is one of the most technologically advanced government authorities in North America. Learn how POSSE has been a major part of that advancement!

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