Gaming Control Software

The right solution for government agencies seeking a streamlined, risk-based regulatory model for the gaming industry. POSSE GCS equips your agency to achieve improved regulatory oversight while simultaneously minimizing the burdens of regulation for licensees. Automation assisted web applications empower modern, convenient digital services, enabling licensees to manage their licenses, registrations, and permits online—anytime, anywhere.

Gaming Control Software


A suitable platform to facilitate sweeping enterprise-wide business transformation and modernization, the core benefits of your POSSE Gaming Licensing Software solution include the following:

A comprehensive implementation package includes all software, implementation and training services, including: project management, business analysis, system configuration, system integration, training, data conversion, knowledge transfer and support.

Agile work management platform for continuous improvement and internal optimization of the system.

Regulatory Compliance


POSSE’s Gaming Control Software optimizes the efforts of your agency for effective compliance and service provision to meet the unique demands of your regulatory environment.

A consolidated regulatory model incorporating streamlined go-forward licensing and enforcement processes.

Out-of-the-box workflows to regulate your gaming licenses in accordance with current regulations and the public interest.

Empowers your agency to be transparent and adaptable, to accommodate an evolving regulatory landscape and new lines of business.

Inspection and Enforcement


The Inspection and Enforcement Modules manage the enforcement of gaming licenses, premises, and related activities. The ability to initiate a complaint, collect information as part of a case, and perform required inspections form the foundation of these modules.

Case management provides the ability for the licensing authority to manage, track, investigate and determine if subsequent action may need to occur based on the license enforcement scenario.

Inspection workflows can be used to perform follow-ups on specific activities so that compliance exists, with documented deficiencies resulting in actions being taken to resolve the matter.

Hearing workflows provides the ability to schedule, hold and identify results as part of matters held before a decision-making body or appointed individual.


Data Accessibility


POSSE’s Gaming Control Software equips users to collect, store, extract and analyze accurate and complete data; to manage operations and case-flows across and within functions, in an integrated manner that enables seamless information-sharing.

Extensive ad-hoc reporting, dashboarding, and business intelligence services.

Multi-stakeholder data availability to facilitate informed, reasoned and appropriate tactical and operational decisions.

Mobile enforcement application enabling access to real-time information for inspectors and investigators in the field.

Digital Services


Empower those who do business with your agency to apply for and manage their licenses, registrations and permits online, anytime from anywhere.

Modern online service provision via a mobile-friendly licensee portal affording intuitive automation assistance and leading edge UX design frameworks.

Out of the box workflows for license application, amendment, renewal, reinstatement, application protests, batch renewals, mass emails, legal tasks, public information requests and more.

Replaces outdated technology systems, improving efficiencies for both the regulator and the regulated.