Alcoholic Beverage Control

Our Alcoholic Beverage Control software solution streamlines business processes to allow your organization to proactively manage the business and data relevant to Liquor Licensing and Licensee Compliance and Enforcement. POSSE ABC is a flexible browser-based software product that will increase efficiency for internal staff, licensees, citizens, and more!

Transform Your Liquor Licensing Workflows



The Licensing module allows POSSE Alcoholic Beverage Control software to serve as a one-stop management solution for all license-related activity for your agency. It is closely interconnected with the Enforcement module, enabling seamless connecting between license and any related inspection activities.

Unlimited License Types

Support for unlimited amount of license types, so you can manage all of your licenses in one place.

Communication Automation

Automated, template-based communications with license holders.

Payment Interfaces

Interfaces with payment solutions and background check solutions.



The Enforcement module enables inspectors and enforcement officials to investigate, track, and close cases easily. Because it is closely tied to the licensing module, staff can easily view any and all related license or business information about any licensee.

Unlimited Inspection Types

Support for unlimited amount of inspection types with configurable checklists

Mobile Inspection & Enforcement
Mobile connectivity to empower agents in the field.

Self-Service Portal

Online portal allows citizens to record complaints.

Certification and Education

The Certification and Education Module provides a comprehensive suite of tools for administering responsible beverage service training. Instructors can easily schedule courses and licensees can ensure that employees have received the appropriate courses and certifications.

Online Certification

Simple application and submittal process to certify servers, training providers, and instructors.

Customized Certification Requirements

Customize certification requirements with prerequisite course offerings and exams that fit your business needs.

Online Course Review

Streamlined workflows to enable third-party training providers to facilitate course material review and content approvals. 

Online Course Scheduling and Trainee Administration

Schedule course offerings and manage registrants automatically from the Customer Portal without staff intervention required. 

Exam Creator

Easily administer examinations as prerequisites for certification with the configurable exam creator.

Brand Registration


The POSSE ABC Brand Registration module provides your agency with a full solution for automating all aspects of the brand registration process.

Brand Registration

Brand owners can apply and renew registrations online.

Brand Management
Easy image upload connects labels to brand.

Brand Validation

Accessible by inspectors for brand validation.

Fully Integrated Solution.

Fully integrated with the rest of the POSSE ABC solution.

Regulatory Reporting


The POSSE ABC Regulatory Reporting module enables licensees to submit ad hoc, monthly, quarterly, and annual filings, including excise tax submissions, based on configurable business rules. Review internal and externally submitted reports prior to finalization using the same Checklist and Letters functionality as other processes.

Report Flexibility

Create reports specific to a licensee or license type, report type, product grouping or product quantity.

Internal & External Reports

Reports can be filed internally by staff and online by licensees.

Data Insights

Analyze the manufacture, packaging, distribution, and/or sales of various products from pertinent timely report data.