Building Your Ideal Vendor Profile

Good news! You’ve begun the process to build a compelling business case for your government agency to replace your underperforming Permitting & Inspections (P&I) solution:



Now, where do you go from here?


Given the critical importance of avoiding the potential costs and conflicts of interest identified in Parts 1 & 2 of this series, we highly recommend that your agency develop an optimal Vendor Profile using the  reference checklist provided below. Developing this profile with your key project stakeholders, in advance of developing your project specific requirements, will help your organization to identify the key attributes that you require and value in a prospective project partner. Remember, picking the right partner at this stage not only sets the stage for project implementation success in the short-term; it empowers your agency to achieve true generational impact from your technology investment—setting a foundation for vibrant innovation within sustainable budget expectations for many years.



Once you’ve completed this Vendor Profile checklist (printable version), you’ll have a much better sense of the specific attributes that your technology partner should possess to provide both an optimal fit for your immediate project requirements AND your agency as a longterm partner compatible with your corporate culture. Does your prospective partner need to match a ‘Yes’ response for every item on this checklist? Not necessarily, though Computronix does! What’s most important in this exercise is that it enables you to start considering every facet of your new technology project from initial implementation to ongoing operations & support, to full lifecycle product management for new features and emerging technologies.


What’s Next?


Are you ready to start building your business case to replace an underperforming P&I solution? If yes, we encourage you to utilize the resources provided throughout this series to help inform your planning. Additionally, our experienced solution consultants are available to contact at your convenience to help you develop your initial business case and subsequent procurement plan.


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