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Award-winning workflow automation solutions for the government enterprise.  Robust off-the-shelf software solutions for permitting, licensing, alcoholic beverage control, and gaming control. 

Powered by POSSE

The POSSE suite of wholly integrated scalable solutions is a powerful web-based platform for automating permitting, licensing, enforcement and compliance workflows. POSSE truly transforms public governance, yielding substantive time and cost savings for people, permits and processes.


With our POSSE PLS software solution, you can easily automate workflows associated with building, planning, engineering, permitting, inspections, code enforcement, and more.


Our ABC software solution streamlines business processes to allow your organization to proactively manage the business and data relevant to liquor licensing, compliance and enforcement.


Our POSSE Gaming Control Software is the right solution for government agencies seeking a streamlined, risk-based regulatory model for the gaming industry.

Why Computronix?

Safe and Secure

Engineered to comply with high security and regulatory compliance standards, including NIST, FedRAMP, ISO, and SOC. 

Exceptional Service

The CX Way is our proven project delivery process, a codified implementation methodology and service philosophy, validated over 40+ years of successful government enterprise software projects. 

Robust COTS Solutions

POSSE PLS, POSSE ABC, and POSSE GCS provide proven feature-rich user experiences out-of-the-box, equipping your agency to provide automation-assisted citizen services.

Data Accessibility

POSSE breaks down data silos enabling a single source-of-truth for your staff, stakeholders, partners, and citizens.

100% Project Success

Distinctive Software. Exceptional Service.

For over 40 years, we’ve partnered with organizations to discover real ways to streamline and improve their workflows and processes. Our client-first, collaborative approach has led to an industry unmatched 100% project success rate. It all happens because we do more than just deliver an out-of-the-box product. We work with you to find opportunities to improve your processes at every step, even after you’ve started using our software.


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Case Studies


How AGCO leveraged POSSE ABC to streamline regulation and online services for liquor control, gaming, horse racing, and recreational cannabis.


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City of Pittsburgh

The City of Pittsburgh’s implementation of a POSSE solution led to a 40% increase in revenues with a 500% increase in permit activity.


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City of Philadelphia

Philadelphia L&I is now fully equipped to deliver the agency’s vision of a citizen friendly online environment working seamlessly alongside core processing systems.


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