Solution Brief: WebUI

Transforming the Government Customer Experience

What does a superior government customer experience look like from a citizen’s perspective?

For many, the phrase immediately evokes expectations of an end user transaction and/or information exchange, with most of these interactions increasingly taking place via self-service websites.

The reality however is such interactions typically represent one single milestone in a much longer customer journey, a journey that impacts both citizens and agencies across multiple touchpoints.

Potential touchpoints include the following:

  • Citizen queries of publicly accessible data (data thus subject to potential cybersecurity attacks)
  • Automation guided self-service resources for citizens facilitating everything from business licensing to development permits to scheduled inspections and more!
  • Operationally optimized internal business processes that guide and ensure legislative and regulatory compliance through every conceivable service delivery touchpoint
  • Automation guided collaborative processes that efficiently progress citizens, businesses and agency stakeholders through complex planning, review and approval requirements

Make no mistake, for government agencies serving the modern, digitally demanding citizen; the ability to rapidly build and launch self-service websites is vital to the mission of delivering an effective customer experience.

However, such front-end transactions and information exchanges are but one facet of a more comprehensive solution requirement: one that meets the evolving self-service expectations of citizens while simultaneously aligning all agency stakeholders within an automation guided infrastructure equipped to facilitate superior customer experiences.

This is where POSSE WebUI comes in.

A powerful toolset for agile customer portal provision, POSSE WebUI empowers government agencies to leverage the award-winning workflow automation capabilities of the POSSE Platform, in addition to a suite of feature rich COTS+ solutions for permitting & licensing and alcoholic beverage control.

The result is a total product solution for elevating the quality of citizen self-service from internal business rules and workflow optimization through to external service delivery across all devices and customer touchpoints.

What does an easy-to-build customer portal look like from a page designer’s perspective?

POSSE WebUI empowers non-technical business users with no coding expertise to quickly and easily create winning webpages and customer experiences.

An initial template gallery, with usability principles based on Google’s Material Design standards, provides the perfect foundation to start.

From there, business users can quickly customize each page layout specific to your customer experience needs, using the simple ‘drag and drop’ features of the POSSE WebUI Layout Painter.

What does an intuitive, familiar feeling interface look like from an end user’s perspective?

Leveraging the React JS framework popularized by Facebook, POSSE WebUI delivers familiar user experiences that naturally flow the end user from initial task selection to final task completion.

Feature-rich dashboard layouts enable customers to quickly assess current task priorities from pertinent ‘to do’ lists, status changes and applications in progress.

What does a superior self-service experience look like from a business user’s perspective?

POSSE WebUI’s single page wizard widgets make it exceedingly simple for non-technical business users to quickly design efficient, effective government customer experiences to facilitate core business processes & revenue streams.

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