POSSE Mobile

Built using the latest Microsoft Xamarin technology to support native applications on iOS and Android touch based platforms, our contemporary POSSE Mobile Inspection technologies provide field workers with fast, efficient in-the-field mobile computing based on their specific business needs.

Mobile Worker

POSSE Mobile

Computronix understands that critical workflow processes happen in the field, so mobile users must have portable, real-time data to provide effective and efficient customer service.

Access via your smartphone, tablet or any browser-based mobile device.

Organize inspection tasks efficiently with synced To Do Lists (by date and by distance).

Use Quick Search Functionality to find important information in the POSSE database.


Mobile Access to Critical Data

POSSE Mobile provides field workers with access to critical data, allowing them to work efficiently while away from the office. POSSE Mobile seamlessly manages background network connections while the inspector works in the field.

Your inspectors can continue working while network connectivity is lost, assured that POSSE Mobile is capturing and storing all their information and connecting with the main database whenever wireless connectivity is available. Inspections results are instantly available to other internal staff users.

Easy Access in the Field

Inspectors can complete assigned inspections and schedule follow-up inspections immediately in the field. Your inspectors can also email inspection receipts and print from their devices. If connected to the Internet, inspectors can use embedded links to search the main POSSE database.

Integrated voice recognition allows inspectors to verbally record inspection notes with automatic transcription. Efficient pre-configured tabs within the application can provide an inspector – regardless of discipline – with agency-specific, point-and-touch checklists, related job details (including relevant license documents, important conditions, and warnings), and the ability to capture and add photos.

Leverage Your Mobile Devices

POSSE Mobile’s responsive design works on popular smartphone and tablet platforms (iOS, Android) using your native smartphone functions such as camera and maps (for route optimization and “street view” imaging) when required.

The POSSE Mobile application is administered from the centralized point-and-click POSSE Administration subsystem, allowing easy changes to add/modify inspection types, default assignments, and inspection checklists.

Convenient Error Free Tools

Dictate results in the mobile app using convenient speech-to-text. Attach photos in the field. Complete tasks quickly, easily, and error free, with the intuitive ‘drill down’ workflow.

Accessible Code References

Use Quick Search Functionality to find important information in the POSSE database. Annotate violations easily with pertinent code section references. Access on demand license details including supportive documents.

Synced To Do Lists

Organize inspection tasks efficiently with synced To Do Lists (by date and by distance). View detailed task checklists including completion statuses.

“We’ve had excellent feedback from internal and external users. We now have contractors using POSSE to monitor their jobs. Staff productivity gains based on new business processes using POSSE made us an award-winning organization.”
City of Edmonton
Larry Benowski
General Manager, Planning and Development