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POSSE Mobile

POSSE Mobile

Computronix understands that critical workflow processes happen in the field, so mobile users must have portable, real-time data to provide effective and efficient customer service. Built using the latest Microsoft Xamarin technology to support native applications on iOS and Android touch based platforms, our contemporary POSSE Mobile technologies provide field workers with fast, efficient in-the-field mobile computing based on their specific business needs.

Access via your smartphone, tablet or any browser-based mobile device.

Organize inspection tasks efficiently with synced To Do Lists (by date and by distance).

Use Quick Search Functionality to find important information in the POSSE database.


“We’ve had excellent feedback from internal and external users. We now have contractors using POSSE to monitor their jobs. Staff productivity gains based on new business processes using POSSE made us an award-winning organization.”

Larry Benowski

General Manager, Planning and Development, City of Edmonton