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POSSE Enterprise Platform

Configured for Your Business

POSSE is a powerful enterprise platform and workflow engine that automates, integrates, monitors and enforces business process rules.

For the user, this means that POSSE connects all of their agency's data, so that they can easily search and work with it. It takes tasks and automates them to increase efficiency and allow you to spend more time doing your job, rather than filling out paperwork or searching for information.

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Key Features

Several modules are available for all POSSE solutions. These tools add value, increase efficiency, and make it easier to visualize data.

POSSE Possibilities

POSSE can be configured to automate almost any government process or workflow. Our clients have used POSSE for dozens of unique solutions, including:

Recreational Angling & Hunting

Issuing and management of angling licenses. Facilitated hunting tag applications and distribution, including draws or lotteries

Materials Management

Data management and fulfillment process automation for purchasing, warehousing, shipping/receiving, and vendor traceability

Professional Licensing

Issuance and management of licenses for trades and professions. Interfaces with payment solutions and background check solutions.

Regulatory Permitting

Any permitting need, including busker permitting, urban hen-keeping, cattle drive permits and much more

Environmental Management

Managing wetlands, forestry, air quality, water use, oil and gas exploration and other environmental concerns

Case Management

Track and manage cases related to consumer protection and other government-mandated actions

Pre-Configured Solutions

POSSE Buyer Experience

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