Single-Tenant Software Solutions

Looking to break free from an inflexible multi-tenant environment?

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Sharing resources in a multi-tenant solution can slow your systems AND compromise security. Why ‘slow your roll’ when there’s a better way?

Unlike the private sector where revenue growth and global scalability are often the most critical business drivers in considering the merits of multi-tenant vs. single-tenant solutions, government agencies must consider other key priorities in identifying their optimal environment for technology deliverance.


Chief amongst these priorities:


  • The mandate to protect, secure and encrypt citizen data
  • The mission to ensure reliable, convenient, and cost effective service delivery outcomes
  • The responsibility of maintaining full compliancy with existing and emerging regulations
  • The ability to stay agile and responsive as technology and citizen demands evolve

Single-Tenant System Advantages


Single-Tenant Solutions can be tailored to the most exacting business requirements, yielding a lifetime product value unmatched by shared costs systems providing minimal opportunities for product customization.


Single-Tenant clients can more readily architect an environment to their own highly specific needs, choosing the network, memory, storage and performance capabilities that yield the best match for system performance and budget constraints.


Unlike the forced upgrades of a typical multi-tenant environment, clients within a single-tenant environment can enhance, optimize and upgrade their configured solution on a timetable designed to optimize their operational benefits whilst minimizing costly downtime.

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