About Us

Computronix is a software development company that provides our POSSE line of products to government clients

Founding Principles

Computronix was founded in 1979 by Herman Leusink.


He had been a programmer in the IT department of a large international corporation before that time. He wanted to be able to solve difficult problems and serve clients well, but most importantly, create an environment where both employees and clients would be valued and treated with respect. These are goals which have remained constant throughout the company’s lifespan, despite growing from a single employee and a couple of clients to nearly two hundred employees and dozens of clients in major population centers across North America. 

Mission & Values

Our mission from the beginning has been to respect, trust, and serve each other and our clients.


We have held true to these original objectives for over 35 years by constantly prioritizing people and relationships – with our clients, our staff, and our business partners. We have continued to grow and take on new clients while maintaining strong relationships with existing customers. These relationships are developed and maintained through our consistent emphasis on ethical business practices and putting people first, both of which have furthered growth, staff loyalty, and client satisfaction.

People Matter

At Computronix, we believe that people are what make great projects.


When you choose to work with Computronix, it begins with a conversation. A specialized team of our employees will work together with you to identify your business’s unique problems that need to be solved. From there, we configure a software solution that makes day-to-day processes easier so that you can focus on what matters most. Our process follows industry best practices, while ensuring that the Computronix dedication to creating a win-win situation is kept consistent.

Join Our Team


Computronix has a market-leading reputation for quality client focused service.

This stems from our team, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Numerous employees have earned Oracle, Microsoft and PMI certifications, in addition to post-secondary degrees and diplomas. Through our emphasis on personal character and skills, we have built a company with a broad range of expertise.