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100% Project Success Rate

One of the defining traits of Computronix is the 100% Project Success Rate we have maintained over our 40+ years of government software implementations.

Instrumental to this achievement is our focus on people, process and product:


At Computronix, we are proud of the fact that every single POSSE customer is a referenceable account.

Achieving this level of total customer satisfaction is fostered by our corporate mission to Respect, Trust and Serve Each Other and Our Clients.

A simple statement on its surface; this principle, vocalized internally as the more concise, ‘Respect, Trust and Serve,’ functions as a powerful guiding light for every person in our organization—a guide that consistently emphasizes the success of our customers as our primary pursuit and internal evaluation criterion.

City of Calgary
“When I compare the work performed by these application development partners and the work performed by Computronix, I am convinced that (Computronix staff) excel in their skills and approach, and that (POSSE) is an excellent business process management application. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other potential clients.”
Pat Drake, Program Manager, Application Development Partnership
City of Calgary

City of Surrey
Computronix is probably one of the best vendors that I’ve ever worked with. They’re very responsive. They really care about their customers and there’s just a personal touch with everything they do with us.
Melanie Atkinson, Functional Application Analyst
City of Surrey, BC

AB Culture and Tourism
“I appreciate most the careful consideration given and helpful feedback provided in response to our ideas for updates, as well as the prompt responses to issues and the overall collegial working atmosphere.”
Martina Purdon, Head, Regulatory Approvals & Information Management
Alberta Culture and Tourism

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
“Good honest business partners to date. I have worked with many vendors over the years but it is refreshing to work with ones that are honest and upfront.”
Brian Coons, IT Manager
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

“Computronix has consistently delivered an excellent product and has been outstanding to work with, very accommodating and always take a team approach. We consider Computronix a partner. This project has been a great success which Computronix has played a key role in.”
Susan Mainella, Director, Project Management Office
Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario


The CX Way is our proven project delivery process, a codified implementation methodology and service philosophy, validated over 40 years of successful government enterprise software projects. Utilizing a phased approach to project implementation to gain user acceptance and build project momentum, this robust project delivery model encourages agencies to facilitate citizen participation to enhance user experiences for optimal engagement and usability.

Ongoing customer satisfaction with this implementation approach is evidenced in our industry-leading scores in ongoing client satisfaction surveys including our Microsoft® Gold Partner customer satisfaction ranking and Net Promoter Score®.

BC Ministry of Transportation
“Permits, authorizations, tenures, licenses and more—the e-Licensing experience has proven that the issuance and management of these business processes is very similar across government, and lends itself to opportunities for automation and subsequent reuse of a single, integrated solution.”
Mike Kelley, Director, E-Licensing BC
Government of British Columbia

Douglas County
Whatever we need, POSSE has been able to provide as far as process management. It is such a solid, configurable product and they (Computronix) are so open to inventing new things with us. Where there is process, there should be POSSE, and local government is really nothing but a punch of processes, so POSSE should be pervasive in every government organization.
Terence Quinn, Director of Community Development
Douglas County, CO

City of Edmonton
“We’ve had excellent feedback from internal and external users. We now have contractors using POSSE to monitor their jobs. Staff productivity gains based on new business processes using POSSE made us an award-winning organization.”
Larry Benowski, General Manager, Planning and Development
City of Edmonton

BC Ministry of Environment
“On behalf of the Natural Resource Sector, we would like to thank all of you. We have moved a giant leap forward in extending our E-Licensing enterprise footprint. I should add you are a great company, very light on your feet, responsive, technically superior, fun, and no big-company BS.”
Chris Grant, E-Licensing
British Columbia Ministry of Environment

Madera County
“When I need help, someone is always there. Problems with the database are fixed before I realize there is a problem. We have had a good experience with Computronix. We love the product and have recommended it to others.”
Becky Beavers, Senior Planner
Madera County, CA


The foundation for 100% project success is POSSE—our powerful workflow automation platform inducted into the Smithsonian Institution’s Collection of Innovative Technology. Cited by numerous state and local agencies as the most configurable and adaptable government software available, and winner of 15 national and international awards, POSSE is designed to meet all site-specific requirements without ANY source code changes—a configuration capability that is simply not possible from any other product in the market today.

Atop our ‘Powered by POSSE’ foundation, we provide a suite of feature rich COTS+ solutions for permitting & licensing (POSSE PLS) and alcoholic beverage control (POSSE ABC) with wholly integrated, extensible modules equipping the provision of mobile apps, web portals, GIS integration, business intelligence reporting, and more.

City of Edmonton
“The software is configurable and adapts to meet the business requirements. We consistently have a number of projects underway at any given time that are expanding the use of the system to other business areas. We use POSSE as part of our ERP landscape and it is, by far, the best value for the City.”
Tim Beauchamp, Enterprise Architect
City of Edmonton

Hamilton County Seal
“We continue to be impressed with the workflow and flexibility of the POSSE system, and the Computronix team delivered exactly what we asked for. It’s been a great improvement.”

Chris Mertens, County CIO
Hamilton County, IND

City and County of Honolulu
“POSSE is the most adaptable work management system that I have seen on the market. It can be supported by non-IT professionals. The company has been extremely responsive to our needs and is one of the most technically knowledgeable organizations that I have ever worked with.”

Ken Schmidt, GIS Administrator, Planning and Permitting
City and County of Honolulu

Mecklenburg County
“POSSE is able to adapt to our specific and complex business requirements, and easily manage the volume of work we do.”

Jim Bartl, Director Emeritus
Mecklenburg County

Broward County
“We had a very successful implementation. POSSE software is versatile, and we have made it a County standard for all our permitting related activities.”
Al Simon, Director, Development Management Division
Broward County