100% Project Success Rate

One of the defining traits of Computronix is the 100% Project Success Rate we have maintained over our 40+ years of government software implementations. Instrumental to this achievement is our focus on people, process and product:


At Computronix, we are proud of the fact that every single POSSE customer is a referenceable account. Achieving this level of total customer satisfaction is fostered by our corporate mission to Respect, Trust and Serve Each Other and Our Clients. A simple statement on its surface; this principle, vocalized internally as the more concise, ‘Respect, Trust and Serve,’ functions as a powerful guiding light for every person in our organization—a guide that consistently emphasizes the success of our customers as our primary pursuit and internal evaluation criterion.


The CX Way is our proven project delivery process, a codified implementation methodology and service philosophy, validated over 40 years of successful government enterprise software projects. Utilizing a phased approach to project implementation to gain user acceptance and build project momentum, this robust project delivery model encourages agencies to facilitate citizen participation to enhance user experiences for optimal engagement and usability.


Ongoing customer satisfaction with this implementation approach is evidenced in our industry-leading scores in ongoing client satisfaction surveys including our Microsoft® Gold Partner customer satisfaction ranking and Net Promoter Score®.


The foundation for 100% project success is POSSE—our powerful workflow automation platform inducted into the Smithsonian Institution’s Collection of Innovative Technology. Cited by numerous state and local agencies as the most configurable and adaptable government software available, and winner of 15 national and international awards, POSSE is designed to meet all site-specific requirements without ANY source code changes—a configuration capability that is simply not possible from any other product in the market today.


Atop our ‘Powered by POSSE’ foundation, we provide a suite of feature rich COTS+ solutions for permitting & licensing (POSSE PLS) and alcoholic beverage control (POSSE ABC) with wholly integrated, extensible modules equipping the provision of mobile apps, web portals, GIS integration, business intelligence reporting, and more.