High-Risk incidents are not responded to and/or reported in a timely manner.

Computronix has standard incident response time targets for all clients as follows:   Severity  Definition   Response Time   Critical  CLIENT site is down.  Major impact to operations of CLIENT site.  < 15 minutes  High  Major impairment of at least one important function at CLIENT site.  Operations at CLIENT site are impacted.  All important CLIENT […]

Current digital services fail to meet growing public demand that all government services should be web-based, intuitive, and easy to use.

A powerful toolset for agile customer portal provision, POSSE WebUI empowers  government agencies to leverage the award-winning workflow automation capabilities of the POSSE Platform, in addition to a suite of feature rich COTS+ solutions for permitting, alcoholic beverage control, and enterprise licensing. The result is a total product solution for elevating the quality of citizen […]

Existing mobile tools are not purpose-built for mobile usage, yielding poor mobile compatibility with compromised user experiences.

Field staff are fully enabled via the POSSE PLS Mobile Inspector application. Mobile Inspector allows field staff to take photos, complete inspections, work through checklists, select deficiencies, make comments, and complete many other actions. Mobile Inspector works both in a connected and disconnected environment, ensuring continued productivity when connectivity is unavailable. Built to support native […]

Field inspectors unable to access account details, generate necessary documentation, and provide immediate information to customers regarding inspection results.

POSSE PLS enables inspector efficiency, as all system functions are available in the field. List of inspections on your inspectors’ To Do lists are automatically synched with the POSSE PLS workflow so that they are up to date. Using POSSE Mobile, inspectors can take pictures, attach documents, insert free-form comments, or pick from pre-defined lists […]

Current mobile tools unable to link photos in the field to inspection records.

POSSE Mobile allows inspectors to accurately record on-site deficiencies by using native mobile camera functions to take and attach photos to inspections. Additionally, customers using the online Customer Portal from their mobile device’s browser can attach photos from their device as part of a Code Enforcement complaint or permit application.

Current system is incapable of facilitating remote access to system data via mobile devices, providing field inspectors with quick access to location and permit data.

POSSE Mobile connects to a synchronization web service—the POSSE Mobile Sync Server—which in turn connects directly to the same POSSE database that staff users use. The POSSE Mobile Sync Server is to be deployed using a public-facing web server, allowing inspectors in the field to access their data through standard mobile networks or Wi-Fi. Users […]