A powerful toolset for agile customer portal provision, POSSE WebUI empowers  government agencies to leverage the award-winning workflow automation capabilities of the POSSE Platform, in addition to a suite of feature rich COTS+ solutions for permitting, alcoholic beverage control, and enterprise licensing. The result is a total product solution for elevating the quality of citizen self-service from internal business rules and workflow optimization through to external service delivery across all devices and customer touchpoints. Utilizing POSSE, our award-winning, workflow automation platform, WebUI seamlessly integrates error-free governance of your business rules within streamlined user experiences. An initial template gallery, with usability principles based on Google’s Material Design standards, provides the perfect foundation to start. Leveraging the React JS framework popularized by Facebook, POSSE WebUI delivers familiar user experiences that naturally flow the end user from initial task selection to final task completion. The end-result is intuitive, prompt-guided customer portals featuring embedded language translation and data-driven business logic within each presentation layer. Clean and concise web responsive interfaces enable immediate ‘action identification’ for the end user, whether working from their desktop or remotely via a tablet or smartphone.