Computronix has standard incident response time targets for all clients as follows:


Severity Definition  Response Time  
Critical CLIENT site is down. 

Major impact to operations of CLIENT site. 

< 15 minutes 
High Major impairment of at least one important function at CLIENT site. 

Operations at CLIENT site are impacted. 

All important CLIENT functions are working albeit with extra work. 

< 1 hour 
Medium CLIENT Operations not significantly impacted. 

One or more minor CLIENT functions not working. 

Major usability irritations impacting many staff at CLIENT. 

< 4 hours 
Low Minor usability irritations. 

Work-around exists. 

< 2 business days 


During an incident, communications must occur regarding the resolution activities. The following response time targets must be met:


Priority Scenario Response Target (acknowledgement) 

(highest priority for resolution) 

Severely affecting some key users, or impacting on many users 15 minutes 
P3 No severe impact, but rectification cannot be deferred until the next scheduled release or upgrade 1 hour 
P4 No severe impact to service 24 hours 


The Proponent must also provide hourly updates on P2 and P3 issues, and daily updates for P4 issues until resolution.