POSSE Alcoholic Beverage Control (“POSSE ABC”) is a browser-based solution that streamlines ABC business processes to allow your organization to proactively manage the business and data relevant to Liquor Licensing and Licensee Compliance and Enforcement. POSSE ABC is a flexible COTS+ software product that provides the breadth, depth, and staying power for liquor control agencies that need to change, grow, and optimize.


POSSE ABC Licensing serves as a one-stop management solution for all license-related activity for your agency. The module supports an unlimited amount of license types, based on your business rules.


An integrated solution is provided within POSSE ABC for compliance enforcement activities relevant to licensed and unlicensed establishments. This module is tightly coupled with licensing, so all information and activity is linked within the system.


The Brand Registration module allows liquor manufacturers to manage their registered brands with the liquor control agency. Registrants can apply for new brands, update existing brands, and renew their brands.


Liquor control agencies can control and monitor all educational activities surrounding their licensees, such as server or bartender training. Course attendance and completion is easily set up and tracked.

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