“He Taught Me to Fish.”

Nycy, a Senior Software Project Manager, joined Computronix less than a year ago. Despite being relatively new to the company, she has already made a significant impact and is enjoying her job as well as the company culture.



When asked about her experience, she said one thing that has really made an impact on her thus far is her mentor, Grant. As she puts it, “He taught me to fish, rather than handing me the fish”. He has taken the time to teach her about our Project Management best practices and methodologies, which we call CX Way. Nycy goes on to say how he patiently shows how to apply this methodology to her projects. While she brings a wealth of experience to the table already, Nycy is a life-long learner and is accepting the challenge to continue to grow in her career. In the words of her mentor, “Nycy has really leaned into the role, is asking thoughtful questions, learning the various business domains, building good relationships with the clients she’s working with, and all with a great attitude.”


These aren’t just words to us, they are the very fabric that makes us, us.”


At Computronix, we have a number of principles that have guided us for almost 45 years…Commitment, Challenge, Wholeness, Respect, Trust, and Serve. These aren’t just words to us, they are the very fabric that makes us, us. Nycy is a perfect example of each of these and we are excited she is now a Computroid and we can’t wait to see what she will accomplish.


Senior Technical Recruiter at Computronix