Jim’s Tech Rant – Part 2

While certainly not a new technology, AI has become a hot topic as of late and many are sounding the alarm on various areas of concern.  Part 2 of our Jim’s Tech Rant Series centers around the question,“What are some of the problems with ChatGPT?”




ChatGPT’s Accuracy Challenges


He begins by saying, “As great as AI tools like ChatGPT and other language learning models are, there are also problems when you can ask questions and it spits out answers about things it knows or can find out.  First, ChatGPT is often, very confidently wrong.”  This, of course, goes back to one of Jim’s earlier points about being able to feed it information that isn’t true. 


Hacking Vulnerabilities and Unintended Consequences


One of the biggest areas of concern in his opinion is most certainly shared with many other technologists. And that is, “hackers are asking it questions around certain attack vectors that they could use. And it quite handily spits out the exact steps you would follow to create a pretty darn good hack in many cases. So that’s a bit of a problem.”  I’m sure you can sense the sarcasm in his voice, along with a touch of humor.

Jim den Otter, CTO, during his talk at this year’s AGM.

ChatGPT’s Role in Student Submissions


He goes on to add, “Of course, one of the biggest problems with it today is kids are submitting their schoolwork totally written by ChatGPT, because if you ask it to write an essay comparing the legacy of Johnny McDonald with whatever, whatever, you’ll get a nice essay that does precisely that.”  Hopefully, most teachers would run the essay through the AI detection program and quickly discover this is not authored by the student.  This brings us to the next problem: intellectual property rights. 


Intellectual Property Rights Dilemma


Jim poses a question not enough people are asking and that is, “Exactly who owns this information?  Who owns the data that got fed and is now getting spit out. And the answer is, nobody has a clue what to do with this in terms of intellectual property rights.”  A good example is another side project Open-AI has created calledDALL-E.


DALL-E: Power of Image Generation


“DALL-E does something very similar to ChatGPT, except with images.  So, if you say to DALL-E, I want to see a picture with these various components, it will in fact, generate such an image for you.”  These kinds of technologies will continue to improve.  Jim continues, “ChatGPT is pretty impressive but, there are two companies out there who have some chops, who think it is not very impressive at all, because theirs is already way better.” 


And discovering exactly which companies he is referring to is where we will pick up in Part 3 of this series.  I’m sure you can take a few guesses as to who they are but, we will learn more about AI and where it might be heading in the next installment of Jim’s Tech Rant 2023. 


Senior Technical Recruiter at Computronix