Core Benefits of Your POSSE PLS Implementation

POSSE PLS is a mature permitting & licensing system delivering an extensive array of features off-the-shelf. Given the sheer breadth of workflow automation on offer, it can be challenging for agencies to envision exactly how these streamlined processes and productivity tools will present in your own unique regulatory environment—improving services for you and your citizens alike. The challenge in fully envisioning your new system is compounded by the fact that POSSE is also a highly configurable PaaS Platform that agencies can utilize to extend comparable automation and efficiency gains into other areas of your organization. 

Fortunately, following dozens of successful POSSE implementations, we have clear confirmation of the immediate benefits that all agencies realize from POSSE PLS as well as the long-term benefits that the vast majority of our ‘Powered by POSSE’ customers derive from ongoing extensibility.


With this information on hand, we can give you a clear view of the core benefits that your POSSE PLS implementation will provide, summarized across 4 key categories: 

Workflow Automation

Streamlined Permitting Applications

Applying for a permit is a tedious and time-consuming task for citizens, frequently requiring an in-person, paper-based exchange. For internal staff, time is consumed gathering applications and supporting documentation, transferring information between stakeholders for input and approval, and worse, attempting to process incomplete or ineligible applications. 

POSSE PLS’ effective and efficient workflow automation streamlines this process affording the following benefits:

  • Inspections are automatically linked to the permit application process. 
  • Workflow alerts keep applications moving forward with no staff intervention required.
  • Requested data is routed automatically to the appropriate team(s). 
  • Timelines for permit & license application processing are substantially reduced.
  • Automated notifications can be triggered including status updates and renewal reminders.
  • Users can set expiry alerts and automate email delivery of permit expiry notices. 
  • Dynamic document creation ensures permits, notices, and other printed materials are generated without any manual work.
  • Business rules governance equips agencies to standardize regulatory processes to consolidate application and permit types.
  • Workflow automation eliminates manual processes and manual manipulation of applications.
  • System can reuse repeatable processes, automating task assignments and managing documents.
  • POSSE PLS facilitates GIS integration with interactive mapping.
  • Solution reduces and, in many cases, eliminates paper handling outright. 

Digital Customer Services

Self-Service Citizen Portals

Simultaneously reducing agency overheads while improving taxpayer satisfaction, POSSE PLS’s robust, mobile-friendly citizen portal is a foundational element for the provision of modern permitting and licensing services. Satisfying the need for convenient self-service, this mobile friendly citizen portal features seamless GIS integration and easy-to-follow automation assisted workflows to achieve the following customer service wins:

  • Easily completed forms with pre-loaded fields and dynamic automation assistance, assist applicants to increase overall compliance rates.
  • Ability to schedule inspections, perform transactions and pay fees.
  • Capability to submit and track permit applications online.
  • Citizens/Stakeholders have full visibility on project workflow and status.
  • Citizen services available via cellphones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Citizens have a unified single account profile across multiple services.
  • Permitting and licensing services available on a 365/24/7 basis.
  • Easy portal operability without training or assistance required.
  • User-friendly tools for managing and updating portal content.
  • GIS integration facilitating rich visualizations to access code/zoning information, view land parcel permit history, and map/route inspections.
  • Site assets easily designed & published to agency brand requirements.
  • Low code development environment suitable for non-technical users.
  • Fully web responsive with HTML 5 compliance.
  • ADA compliant.

Efficient Data Management

Breaking Down the Silos Between Stakeholders

POSSE PLS empowers decision makers with information accessibility to equip effective data-driven planning and processes. Our web-based ad-hoc reporting module enables the easy creation/sharing of custom reports and dashboards, affording agencies rich data for sound decision making.

  • POSSE PLS creates the necessary infrastructure for data confidence from a single source of truth.
  • POSSE PLS integrates data with the public portal, providing online users with real-time data.
  • Data is accessible to mobile inspectors regardless of Internet connectivity.
  • Automated checks and balances increase data accuracy and resultant compliance rates.
  • Real-time inspection reports equip improved workload management and efficiency optimization.
  • Digital records management enables users to manage government record(s) requests easily and expediently with more accurate record searches and processes to pull pertinent files.
  • A simple point-and-click report environment designed for standard business users enables easy report creation. Users can generate the data they need to analyze in a few clicks and create subscriptions for key stakeholders. 
  • POSSE PLS understands the shape of your data and automatically guides the user to what kinds of data can be linked together to produce the desired report.
  • Data accessibility facilitates predictive analysis empowering a data-driven culture.
  • A 100% browser-based environment enables reports run on desktops and mobile devices, anytime and anywhere.
  • Data is updated in real-time to ensure you’re capturing the current picture, and can be accessed from wherever you are, in whatever format you choose.
  • Easily envision data with clean, attractive 3D charts, flexible grids, and visual groupings.
  • Users can print and email reports or export them to popular file formats such as Word, Excel, and PDF.

Extended Lifecycle Value

Workflow Agility and System Extensibility

To meet both the current and future requirements for your agency as citizen and business demands evolve, your permitting and licensing software must be agile and extensible. When properly designed as a flexible workflow automation and business rules engine, best-in-breed systems like POSSE PLS enable the organizational best practices that empower government agencies to realize the following benefits:

  • A versatile software system capable of running in government, public, and/or private clouds.
  • Suitable for usage in SaaS model and as a PaaS pillar application.
  • A robust package of published and actively maintained APIs.
  • Support for extended functionality via pre-packaged linkages.
  • System architecture designed to support evolving agency and regulatory requirements.
  • Out-of-box configurations to hasten implementation of defined solution requirements.
  • Core-functionality references provide clear starting points for tailoring solutions beyond out-of-the-box configurations.
  • Workflows are easily reconfigured to meet evolving permitting and licensing requirements.
  • POSSE PLS seamlessly integrates with all your tools, including GIS, ERP, and Plan Review. 
  • System flexibility to add or remove requirements depending on the use-case.
  • Ability to create a unique journey for each of your permit types, updating your workflow steps accordingly.
  • Business rules management accommodating all current and future application types.
  • Product Roadmap incorporates adoption of latest technologies on a timely basis. 
  • System infrastructure connects stakeholders across departments, agencies, and jurisdictions.
  • Improved responsiveness of citizen services assisted by increased data accessibility between government employees and third-party partners.

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