Understanding Your Fundamental Goals

Understanding your fundamental goals

Understanding Your Fundamental Goals It’s beneficial to state and have vendors understand your fundamental project objective and procurement goals: How has your organization determined it will achieve its business transformation using information technology? How big is the scope of your project? What are your project timelines? Has your organization surveyed the available software solutions – […]

Organizational Change Management

Organizational change management

Organizational Change Management As we have stated in the previous article in this series, implementing a new COTS software system, with its own best practice, oriented functionality for common regulatory activities will likely require a willingness by your organization to change some of its current operating procedures. Doing so may even require a modest organizational […]

Assessing Your Agency’s Readiness for a COTS Solution

Assessing Agency Readiness

Assessing Your Agency’s Readiness for a COTS Solution Pre-configured Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) regulatory software products, including our POSSE Permitting & Licensing System and POSSE Alcoholic Beverage Control systems, are developed based on a vendor’s experience with, and a best practices interpretation of increasingly uniform business processes, such as government-oriented licensing, permitting, inspections and enforcement. The […]