POSSE PLS: Permitting & Inspections

Award-winning workflow automation solutions for the government enterprise.  Robust off-the-shelf software solutions for permitting, licensing, alcoholic beverage control, and gaming control. 

POSSE PLS: Permitting & Inspections

On-demand reports, public & private cloud services, GIS integration, mobile apps, low code UI builders, and more! The POSSE Platform offers a comprehensive range of tools and resources to maximize the utility of your POSSE PLS enterprise software solution.

Out-of-the-box workflows AND permit types based on ICC best practices, further configurable to your specific business requirements

Email notifications sent based on business process triggers, such as impending inspections and license expiration dates

Streamlined review workflow leveraging transparent customer communication to expedite the permit process, with each step tracked and archived.


Seamless Efficient Workflows

POSSE PLS Permitting and Inspections software tracks all your permitting and building inspection activity, from initial application to completion, renewal, or expiration.

Your Permits, Your Way

The best of both worlds: with a vast library of preconfigured workflows and permit types (based on ICC best practices), as well as full compatibility with your existing permitting structure and metadata.

Interconnected Processing

Links all aspects of your data, allowing you to navigate seamlessly between any related data elements. Permits are associated with parcels or street segments, and they can be grouped together into projects.

Equip Your Inspectors

List of inspections on your inspectors’ To Do lists are automatically synched with the POSSE PLS workflow so that they are up to date. Using POSSE Mobile, inspectors can take pictures, attach documents, insert free-form comments, or pick from pre-defined lists of standard clauses and Code references.

Applicant Ease of Use

The public portal guides an individual or organization through all steps of the permit application process, including application details, required documents, and permit application fees. Permits can be created electronically and printed directly by the applicant.

Remote Mobile Access

Customer self-service provides expedited permit application, inspection request and scheduling, and review of inspection results. Comprehensive remote capabilities support inspector efficiency in the field

“Since replacing our legacy building permitting system with POSSE, we have experienced significantly reduced waiting times and greatly increased customer satisfaction. Computronix understood our business requirements and delivered a first-rate system. We are very pleased with POSSE as well as our ongoing relationship with Computronix.”
Theresa O’Donnell
Chief Planning Officer