Measuring Your Current Organizational Change Readiness

Are you a government agency planning to implement a new enterprise software solution in the immediate to near future? If so, have you taken measures to assess whether your organization is truly ready to succeed with a major change project of this scale? 

Having successfully implemented large scale software solutions for a diverse range of clients in the previous 40+ years, we at Computronix are firmly onside with the current research from Prosci® indicating that the number one obstacle to success for major change projects is the potential for individual resistance and/or ineffective management on the people side of change. In fact, taking a proactive approach to overcome such obstacles is one of the reasons why we have systematized our implementation best practices into a codified methodology known collectively as, The CX Way.

As a trusted government software vendor with an industry unmatched 100% project success rate, the CX Way has empowered our organization to beat current project success rates by a significant margin, and it’s a process that starts with asking clients to conduct a frank self-assessment of your organization’s readiness for change.

  • Does your organization fully understand the mission AND is there a sense of urgency?
  • Is leadership capable and motivated to work together? Are stakeholders engaged?
  • Are communication channels effective, transparent and capable of agile issue management?
  • Do you have the organizational wherewithal (people, data, budget, work ethic, etc.) to succeed?
  • Is there a willingness to change and/or the financial and cultural incentives to drive innovation?
  • Has the organization historically embraced change? Has change been managed effectively?

These are some of the key questions your organization must consider to properly establish a firm foundation for your eventual project success.

To help you better understand both your organization’s propensity for and resistance to change, we invite you to take 3-5 minutes now to complete our free Organizational Change Readiness Survey. Once completed, you’ll receive an immediate score quantifying your organization’s readiness for change along with an accompanying snapshot summary.

Ready to access the survey? Please let us know you’re not a bot first.


Computronix relies on a number of organizational assessments prior to embarking on the change journey so that we can be better informed while navigating organizational change. Our approach to change is not a “One Size Fits All” approach. The communication, training, coaching, resistance management, and reinforcement plans are all based off your organization’s unique organizational attributes, and change characteristics. We have been involved in many types of organizational change; from software implementation projects, succession planning, leadership development, organizational mergers, and acquisitions. However, our goal remains the same, ensuring people and projects succeed.

For more information designed to help you save time and money during your software procurement and implementation phases, please visit our Information Resources page for a freely accessible collection of informative eBooksGuides and Checklists. If you’re at a more advanced stage of the process and are seeking pertinent and detailed resources to assist with RFP and project planning initiatives, our Getting Ready for Your COTS Software Project and RFP Procurement Guide is the optimal action plan resource for government leaders seeking practical application knowledge specific to a new government software implementation project.