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Getting Ready for Your Software Procurement RFP

An Action Plan for Government Leaders

 This eBook provides prospective POSSE® clients with factual, meaningful information that may be useful in preparing for your COTS software project, the development of your RFP, and subsequent vendor evaluation and selection.

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Getting Ready for Your Software Procurement RFP

Topics Covered in this eBook

Getting Ready For Your COTS+ Project

  • Assessing your agency’s readiness for a pre-configured COTS+ solution
  • How do government software projects succeed . . . or not?
  • Recommended project resources, skills, and available training

Preparing Your RFP Package

  • Understanding your preferred implementation approach
  • Understanding your project scope
  • Determining project pricing
  • Developing your procurement document

Evaluating and Selecting a Vendor

  • Look beyond the vendor’s proposal and product demo
  • Proven tips for effective independent vendor evaluation
"Computronix strongly encourages an agency to look beyond a vendor’s proposal and product demonstration in order to investigate further. We advise agencies to provide significant weighting to such criteria as the vendor’s project track record, client references, and financial stability as these factors tend to be the strongest predictors of project success.

Gain as much information as you can about the selected vendor and their technology solution to determine the overall likelihood not only of initial project success, but of a positive and enjoyable, long-term “win-win” relationship with the vendor."