Interview with Sarah VandeKamp

Sarah VandeKamp has been an important member of the Administrative team at Computronix Canada for the past 4 years. She started out originally doing administrative work, project planning and travel expense claims and now does most of her work in accounting. One of the most significant changes that she helped Computronix work through was acquiring a new travel booking and expense tracking software.


Sarah has had the opportunity to document the process and train many new employees in the expense tracking software. Her favorite part of this has been, “Helping people. I really like it when I can explain something to someone and I can tell when they understand it. I really like that feeling.” Computronix strives to create an environment that fosters learning and growing.


Work that Matters


At Computronix, living out the value of wholeness is extremely important. One of the most heart touching times Sarah saw this value exemplified was when her team supported a coworker who had experienced a family loss. Normally, the team is very planned and expects people to be there as scheduled completing their work. However; in this case, the schedule was reworked by the team lead. The other team members didn’t complain about having to do extra work, they simply jumped in and helped their fellow teammate so she could leave work to be with her family during their loss. In Sarah’s words, “Your life outside of work is as important as your life at work. It matters, as one affects the other significantly. When they (Computronix) say they want to help, they don’t just say it, they mean it.”


Opportunities to Succeed


Sarah has found over the past few years that Computronix has redefined the meaning of success as, “Your willingness to keep trying.” She’s found that in this healthy working environment, “The point isn’t that I failed, the point is how quickly I get up and try and try again until I get it.” She has learned that even when she’s done well, she can keep pushing herself to do even better. “If you have a hard time with something, that’s not necessarily a failure, that’s just an opportunity to succeed.”


In Sarah’s words, “Computronix is the most comfortable home-like and nurturing place I’ve ever worked.