Interview with Tammy Schroeder, Administrative Assistant

All About Relationships

Tammy Schroeder has been part of the Administration Staff in our Denver Office since November 2013. One of her many administrative duties is to plan and coordinate community building events within the company. In her words, “A favorite thing to do is to facilitate building up relationships. Not just between myself and others in the office, but amongst all office staff by creating opportunities for everyone to get to know each other and to build their own relationships.”


Constantly Growing

One of the challenges Tammy has enjoyed as she’s grown into her administrative role at Computronix is learning all the computer software and programs required for her job. Because her job is so diverse, she’s had the opportunity to learn many different administrative duties, including: accounting tasks, creating trips, processing travel and other expenses, event planning, and keeping the office well stocked with supplies.


Giving Partnership Committee

Tammy also plays an important role in the Computronix Giving Committee. “Being on the Giving Partnership Committee has given the Denver Office more opportunities to venture out into quite a few more fundraising events.” As a company, we like to be involved in giving money and time to non-profits and causes that we support. Tammy has worked hard to involve our staff in many different charities throughout the years.


It’s Just Different Here

In Tammy’s role on the Admin Team, she’s seen how Computronix is different from other companies that she’s worked for. In her own words, “they trust in everyone’s innate abilities and gifts. They really allow us to share, build and execute our ideas. You’re not put in a box and asked to stay there.”


With Excellence

At Computronix, the Admin Role doesn’t mean you only answer phones and greet people. It is the unseen work of the Admin Team that keeps the company functioning so smoothly. Tammy loves the people she works with and exemplifies who Computronix is in the way she carries out her responsibilities with excellence.