How to Deploy a Digital Government Platform

‘Find something that few can do and do it well’

For those seeking a fast-track to sustainable career success, these ten simple words carry the wisdom of the ages. But the question has always been, what is that certain ‘something’ that will play to your specific strengths and take your career to the next level? Fortunately, if you’re currently a key player involved in procuring or implementing a government IT project, the answer may be right under your nose.

Delivering government technology projects on time and on budget: Something that very few can consistently do well

Across North America, demand is spiking for government agencies to modernize their IT software platforms to meet a growing need for seamless citizen services while at the same time, reducing operational budget overheads through improved workflow efficiencies. With revenue generating civic services such as land development, licensing, permitting, and alcoholic beverage control, falling under this new purview of ‘digital governance,’ we are a point in time where it is abundantly clear that a substantial opportunity exists for those working on the front lines of government technology innovation.

The challenge, as always, lies in doing it well—as the latest findings make exceedingly clear.

According to a 2017 Project Management Study conducted by KPMG:

  • Only 31% of organizations are likely to deliver projects on time
  • Only 29% of organizations are likely to deliver projects on budget
  • Only 33% of organizations deliver projects that are likely to meet original goals or business objectives
  • Only 34% of organizations deliver projects that are likely to achieve stakeholder satisfaction

In short, the rewards still beckon for those government project teams capable of delivering transformative government software projects on time and on budget, but the ability to mitigate the associated risks of such projects is often preventing both the timely delivery of improved services to taxpayers and the anticipated career ‘wins’ for those dedicated individuals embracing the challenge of cost-effective enterprise software implementation.

So, how does the savvy professional best mitigate these project risks to firmly place themselves in the coveted category of ‘the few that can do it well?’

Next week, we’ll continue our ongoing series on How to Deploy a Digital Government Platform by showing you the lessons learned from a failed enterprise project.