Citizen Services

This week, we continue our series on Reinventing Civic Services with Intelligent Automation with a look at the factors each of our award-winning government agencies considered to ensure the provision of effective citizen services.


Intelligent Automation of Citizen Services


Given the ‘hands on’ nature of internal process work, it can often be easier for agencies to visualize impactful improvements to such workflows. However, another trait that defines Philadelphia, Albuquerque and Douglas County as award worthy innovators is the ability of each agency to think ‘outside the box’ in their reinvention of external facing customer service processes and touchpoints. Each of these digital communities emphasized the citizen’s needs as paramount in their evaluation of emerging technologies, with their final objective nothing less than the delivery of a customer service experience capable of accommodating the most demanding modern digital consumer.


In realizing this ambitious goal, 3 common qualities emerged across these innovative agencies:




Cognizant of the reality that the 21st century customer expects speedy and seamless service, each agency utilized workflow optimization technologies to deliver automation processes that guide citizens towards quick resolutions with positive outcomes. Clean and cleverly designed web interfaces provide users with the ability to access services on their chosen devices on a 24/7 basis. Data-driven workflows prompt citizens when key actions are required, while automated schedule reminders help users to stay informed on key dates and deliveries thus managing service expectations.


Customer Led


All essential services throughout the planning, permitting, licensing, and inspection process are facilitated through interactive civic portals. Carefully designed to guide even inexperienced web users in their completion of common tasks, these data-driven websites can also scale to the needs of more demanding and frequent users providing opportunities to personalize profiles, archive key information, template repeated tasks, and schedule reminders. For busy land developers and builders for whom time is money, such tools provide an invaluable resource to expedite the process from initial application through to final approval.




In fully committing to data transparency and citizen led service models, our digital communities are able to break down the silos to empower innovation platforms that deliver true collaboration with citizens and between colleagues. In Philadelphia, interactive ePlans modules afford parallel reviews and real-time revision with multiple stakeholders-both internal and external. In Albuquerque, data-driven mobile apps equip field workers with the ability to both access and share time sensitive intel.


“Our Department of Technology and Innovation consistently lives up to its name. Our goal is to turn government inside out so that residents can
easily access city government, and city government can be more responsive.”

Mayor Tim Keller,
Albuquerque, New Mexico