Reinventing Civic Services with Intelligent Automation

Reinventing Civic Services eBook Cover

"In contrast to the private sector where competitive advantages are closely guarded secrets, one of the primary benefits of the public sector is successes are shared and once shared, can be easily emulated."

Citizens are speaking and leaders are listening. The mandate for modernization in citizen services has arrived.

That is the good news. The even better news is that alongside a revitalized political commitment to improved citizen engagement, there also exists proven paths to emulate for those forward-thinking jurisdictions primed to launch their own innovation initiatives. In every corner of the Union, from Pennsylvania to New Mexico to Colorado, agencies are blazing their own trails to success with data accessibility as the spark, intelligent automation as the fuel, and responsive customer services as the fire that ignites rapid revenue growth for further innovation funding.

The questions that come to mind are: what can you learn from their approaches, and how can you make these innovations even better for your community?

Topics Covered in This eBook


What is the best approach for transforming civic services? An examination of three of the most celebrated ‘Digital Cities & Counties’ in America reveals key best practices.


How can you overcome the limitations of internal silos to create actionable data for all stakeholders? Three case studies provide guidance to achieve data transformation.

Key Facets of Automation Enablement

How to identify a cost-effective automation platform to streamline intuitive workflows for both internal (staff) and external (citizens) users.

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