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POSSE PLS – Business & Professional Licensing

POSSE PLS - Business and Professional Licensing

POSSE PLS includes a powerful license management module. For workflows related to licensing activities, such as issuance, renewals, and expirations, users are actively guided through business process workflows from initiation to completion. POSSE PLS ensures that each work step is carried out correctly, completely, and consistently, based on your business rules and requirements.

Easy-to-use, intuitive web interface guides license applicants through all steps of the process

A single source for all license information and processing activities maximizes staff efficiency

GIS integration locates businesses and licenses within a map selection


“Permits, authorizations, tenures, licenses and more—the e-Licensing experience has proven that the business processes of their issuance and management is very similar across government, and lends itself to opportunities for automation and subsequent reuse of a single, integrated solution.”

Mike Kelley

Director, E-Licensing BC, Government of British Columbia