July 24, 2017

Steven Shorey and the Emerging Leaders Course

Computronix employees are constantly encouraged and given opportunities to learn and become better at their jobs, and even to move into new positions if they so desire. As part of this emphasis on professional development, the company offers several programs, courses and classes, such as the Emerging Leaders course. Steven Shorey is a Tech Lead at Computronix, and during his first year with the company he took the Emerging Leaders course. He felt that, although he had been in a few different leadership positions previously, he’d never really been taught the “right way” to be a leader.  He wanted to […]
July 7, 2017


At Computronix, we value people as individuals, not just as workers. It’s part of the culture we’ve created here. In this video, developer Kevin Thang, CTO Jim den Otter, and developer Eissa Pavo share about what that culture is like.
June 19, 2017
Dave Neumann instructs a CX Academy course

The CX Academy

One of the core values at Computronix is growth. That means that we’re always trying to grow and improve as a company, but also that we value individual growth for our employees. This comes through in training, in mentorship and in a desire to see people overcome challenges, improve, learn, and succeed. As our HR Director, Dave Neumann, says, “Healthy people are going to want to learn and grow. And then a healthy company should make a way for people to learn and grow” So, to foster and encourage learning and growth, there is a set of courses we offer […]
June 2, 2017

Work-Life Balance

At Computronix, we have created an environment that is healthy and welcoming for all employees. Developer Kudzai Mboko, Tech Lead Andy Patterson, and Human Resources Director Dave Neumann share about what a healthy environment means for them.
May 18, 2017
(From L to R): Steven Dytiuk, Shauna, and Dale enjoying a walk

The CX Fitness Group

Wholeness is one of the three core values at Computronix, meaning that we value our employees and customers for who they are as people, not just the monetary value they can bring us. As our business plan states, we are committed to “supporting overall life balance.” One important aspect of a balanced life is health and well-being, including physical fitness. To help our employees stay in shape while maintaining the sense of community that we’ve created at Computronix, there is a new CX Fitness group.  This group organizes various fitness-related events, such as step challenges, which are quite popular among […]
May 3, 2017

Work-Life Balance

At Computronix, we want all of our employees to have a balanced life. In this video, Operations Manager Chris Stolte, Tech Lead Yars Tsaytak, and Operations Manager Doug Fairchild share their their thoughts on how Computronix supports Work-Life balance.
August 26, 2013


DENVER, CO – COMPUTRONIX (USA) of Lakewood, CO is pleased to announce that its market-leading POSSE Alcoholic Beverage Control (“POSSE ABC”) software has been selected by the State of Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division to replace its legacy ABC Liquor Licensing and Regulatory System. The ABC Division of the Kansas Department of Revenue is the state’s regulatory authority for enforcing Kansas liquor laws through the issuance of state licenses and permits, monitoring product flow, conducting compliance reviews of licensed premises, and enforcing restrictions on underage access to alcohol and a variety of other statutory violations. “ABC is very excited about […]
August 23, 2013


EDMONTON, Canada – POSSE Version 7, the latest major upgrade to Computronix’s flagship POSSE software suite, is now available. POSSE Version 7 GA (General Availability) begins shipping Aug. 23. A POSSE Version 7 orientation course will be offered Sept. 16-17 in Edmonton in advance of the 2013 Computronix Client Conference for users interested in learning more about the release. POSSE Version 7 represents over two years of significant research and development investment by Edmonton-based Computronix. The new POSSE release will offer additional product “sizzle,” simplifying usability for internal users. Improvements to system configuration capabilities will significantly reduce implementation project schedules […]
August 6, 2013


EDMONTON, Canada – COMPUTRONIX (Canada) of Edmonton, Alberta, is very pleased to announce that the City of Vancouver has awarded a contract to Computronix to implement its pre-configured, fully web-enabled POSSE Land Management System (“POSSE LMS”) at the City over the next two years. Catapulted to the world stage by the highly-touted 2010 Winter Olympics as one of the best cities in the world to live in, the City of Vancouver, Canada’s third-largest metropolis, will receive much attention as it rolls out its sweeping Permit and Licences Transformation Project, part of a multi-million-dollar services review initiative to establish the City […]