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Web Based Permitting Software

Permitting and Inspections Software

POSSE LMS Inspections and Permitting Software tracks all your permitting and building inspection activity, from initial application to completion,renewal, or expiration.

Web Based Permitting Software


A seamless, efficient workflow solution

POSSE LMS Permitting and Inspections offers the best of both worlds: with a vast library of preconfigured workflows and permit types (based on ICC best practices), as well as full compatibility with your existing permitting structure and metadata. Attributes can be set and tailored for each type of permit through the POSSE LMS administration website, giving you the tools you need to tailor permits to your agency-specific requirements.

Powerful, Interconnected Processing

POSSE LMS links all aspects of your data, allowing you to navigate seamlessly between any related data elements. Permits are associated with parcels or street segments, and they can be grouped together into projects. Permits can also be associated with both the applicant and the contractors performing the work. POSSE LMS allows you to access the system from multiple entry points and view all related data (e.g. all permits for a given contractor, all permit history for parcel selected on a map, etc.) Your staff receive a holistic view of all permitting activity through POSSE LMS.

Equip Your Inspectors

POSSE LMS enables inspector efficiency, as all system functions are available in the field. List of inspections on your inspectors’ To Do lists are automatically synched with the POSSE LMS workflow so that they are up to date. Using POSSE Mobile, inspectors can take pictures, attach documents, insert free-form comments, or pick from pre-defined lists of standard clauses and Code references. Inspection results are instantly available in the core application and to the applicant through the public portal.

Ease of Use for Applicants

The public portal guides an individual or organization through all steps of the permit application process, including application details, required documents, and permit application fees. Permits can be created electronically and printed directly by the applicant. Applicants can also request inspections when ready and immediately review inspection results when complete.

POSSE LMS Permitting and Inspections

POSSE LMS tracks the entire lifecycle of permits and licenses, from application to renewal and expiration. The POSSE LMS Permitting and Inspections module empowers external business users and your internal staff to go through all permitting processes and inspection activities quickly and efficiently.


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