The CX Fitness Group

Wholeness is one of the three core values at Computronix, meaning that we value our employees and customers for who they are as people, not just the monetary value they can bring us. As our business plan states, we are committed to “supporting overall life balance.” One important aspect of a balanced life is health and well-being, including physical fitness. To help our employees stay in shape while maintaining the sense of community that we’ve created at Computronix, there is a new CX Fitness group.  This group organizes various fitness-related events, such as step challenges, which are quite popular among our staff.


Dale Aceron, a Business Analyst, and Shauna Allan, a Project Administrator, are two of the key Computronix employees involved in the fitness group, as well as the step challenges. When asked about the motivation for starting the group, Dale explained that, “when I first came to Computronix, I wasn’t sure if anyone else was interested in fitness or into running. So, when the opportunity came to start a fitness group, I jumped on board.”


The step challenges are run through a program called Stridekick, which allows people to enter the challenge that best lines up with their fitness levels. There are groups for 5 000 steps, 7 500, 10 000, and more! Each person just uses their phone, Fitbit, or another activity tracker to log the steps they take each day and the steps are uploaded to Stridekick so that everyone can compete to be the best stepper!


Shauna hopes that in the future, “there will be more kinds of events and challenges…but I still want to get everyone involved in the step challenges!” Dale echoes her hopes, saying that there’s no plans for the step challenges to stop, and that what he wants to do next is bring in experts to teach about subjects like nutrition, sports psychology, and how to train.


Both Shauna and Dale are very excited about how successful the step challenges have been and all the great competition and connection that’s happened, as well as people making the choice to get more exercise. As Shauna says, “It’s really just a piece of the whole Computronix story, seeing the development and the changes in people and relationships. That’s just so fun and so rewarding to see that and to be part of it.”