The CX Ambassador Group

At Computronix, we often do things differently than other companies. Not for the sake of innovation or being unique or anything else, but simply because we believe that sometimes the traditional methods aren’t the best ones. One example of this is the Ambassador Group, which serves as a recruitment group – and so much more!


The ambassadors are all Computronix employees – mostly developers – who have volunteered to be part of spreading the word about Computronix to prospective employees through various career fairs and partnerships with schools. Chris Johnstone, the co-chair of the group, describes their goals as “making sure Computronix is part of events, and is known as a local business that cares about people and wants to provide value to schools.” It’s essential to the group that everything they do is a win-win – that it doesn’t only help Computronix, but also whichever school or organization they’re working with.


When they do that well, Chris says, “students find out about us in a very positive light. We don’t need to tell them what we’re about, they just see it.” Their mission has been extremely successful to date. One ambassador, Matthew Pimlott, explains how, at NAIT, Computronix used to be essentially unknown, and now “I’ve heard stories of people who tell friends they work here, and the response is ‘No way! You work for Computronix?!’”


Victoria Hessdorfer, a co-op student who joined the ambassador team during her time at Computronix, describes how she enjoys being part of the team because she is “able to provide something to students that I didn’t get as a student, and that I wished I would have gotten.”


That statement is exactly what makes Computronix’s approach to recruiting so different. Because the recruiters aren’t HR people or professional headhunters, they know exactly what potential employees are interested in and want to know. And because they’re directly involved in the day-to-day workings of Computronix, they can explain exactly what it’s like to work here, and just what it is that makes Computronix so special, because they experience it firsthand every day.