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POSSE is award-winning government enterprise software that automates, integrates, monitors and enforces business process rules. It is a highly configurable system designed to simplify complex workflows, and to meet client needs at all levels of their business.

Automating workflow management across an entire system is at the heart of POSSE’s functionality. It connects all departments, external clients, field workers, and management, to create a unified solutions for all business processes.

Because POSSE is an entirely web-based software, it can be accessed from any computer or mobile device, and doesn’t require inefficient and slow downloads.

POSSE is an open-API system, meaning that it is incredibly customizable and configurable, and is easily interfaced to all of your existing systems.

Data is readily accessible within POSSE, and available throughout the entire system. POSSE’s configurable data warehouse makes ad hoc reporting and extracts to Excel easy and intuitive.

POSSE also has modules including: an interactive dashboard, GIS integration, mobile accessibility, and ad hoc reporting ability, all of which add value and efficiency to business processes.

POSSE Modules


The interactive POSSE dashboard can measure organizational health at a glance and visualize a wide range of KPIs to track business performance.


POSSE’s geographical information systems interface delivers integrated spatial context to track, display and manage geographical data.


The ability to use POSSE solutions on mobile devices, even offline, is ideal for field inspections and investigations.


Specialized reports can be built on the fly within POSSE, with included graphic visualizations.

POSSE Possibilities

The powerful POSSE solution has been used to deliver a wide variety of enterprise government workflow systems – particularly in areas related to regulatory compliance (permits, licensing, inspection, enforcement, etc.). Some specific examples include:


Professional Licensing

Issuance and management of licenses for trades and professions, ensuring that all practitioners are properly qualified and regulated.


Environmental Management

Managing wetlands, forestry, air quality, water use, oil and gas exploration and other environmental concerns is made simple through POSSE.


Case Management

Tracking and management of cases related to consumer protection and other government-mandated compliance and enforcement actions.


Recreational Angling

POSSE streamlines the issuing and management of angling licenses, allowing citizens to easily apply for and receive their licenses electronically and conservation officers to validate licenses in the field.



Governments can use POSSE to facilitate hunting tag applications and distribution, including a draw or lottery system.


Regulatory Permitting

A wide variety of permits are managed by POSSE – including diverse uses such as busker permitting, urban hen-keeping, cattle drive permits, archaeological dig permitting and more! No matter what the permitting need is, POSSE can be configured to help.

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