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December 8, 2016

POSSE ePlans Released

eplans approved

June 30, 2017
Denver, CO – Computronix is pleased to announce the launch of the POSSE ePlans module – a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of the electronic plan review and markup process. This new module is fully integrated within the award-winning POSSE software suite, and offers a level of seamless interworking between the plan review process and the plan markup tool, unlike anything else available on the market today.
Plan reviewers as well as citizens will be able to file, view, review, and correct plans more efficiently and effectively. Some of the industry-leading tools and features that agencies will be able to make use of after implementing POSSE ePlans include:


Plan Reviewer Tools
Reviewing plans is easier than ever with the industry-leading Brava! viewer, which is at the core of the POSSE ePlans module. It enables reviews, markups, and plan comparisons, all within POSSE. This means that it’s unnecessary to launch a separate application to use ePlans, and any comments or edits made are automatically associated with the related POSSE workflow, allowing them to be easily referenced and reported against.
Markups and corrections are easy to add using a variety of annotation and drawing tools, such as text, images, shapes, and freehand sketching. It is also easy to view, copy, and compare the markups to previous versions with side by side and overlay comparisons, which allow for comprehensive review of changes between plan versions. POSSE ePlans even supports parallel reviews, so multiple people can review the same document at the same time, without worrying about any overlap or loss of data.


Citizen Tools
The ePlans module also includes a number of features that will empower and inform builders, contractors, and other citizens involved in the planning process. Citizens will have the ability to upload document revisions at key points in the review cycle. These revised documents will be automatically categorized as new versions
In real time, applicants can view the changes that the reviewer has required, and corrections can be responded to online. As well, all customer uploaded documents can be viewed in a clearly organized system, and marked up documents can be downloaded to view revisions.


“We assembled a stakeholder group of plan reviewers to work with us in developing POSSE ePlans solution,” said Jim den Otter, Computronix CTO. “Through their feedback, and by incorporating the industry-leading Brava! review tool, we have created an integrated plan review solution unlike anything else available on the market today.”

Established in 1979, Computronix has consistently provided outstanding solutions to its customers, proving its role as the North American expert in innovative regulatory and e-government software solutions. To date, POSSE government customers have won more than 15 national and international awards for business transformation and improved customer and public service.

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