Buyer Experience Report

How to Use This Report

SoftwareReviews captures the most compelling, useful, and detailed information on software performance to help evaluate, compare, and ultimately select the best tool for your business.

This proprietary evaluation methodology is built on decades of experience helping businesses select software. This method surfaces key elements every prospective buyer should review and understand prior to selecting a software provider, going much deeper than features and price to provide a detailed understanding of the relationship, negotiations, and value drivers of the solution.

This report is an independent evaluation of POSSE created entirely using data sourced from users of the software. Use this report to help inform your selection decision, inform your evaluation, or reinforce your choice to bring on a new software product and technology partner.

Report Overview

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Business Value Created

The underlying purpose of software is to create value for employees, customers, partners, and ultimately shareholders. As a result, it is imperative that any software selection be aligned with the organization’s needs and deliver enough business value to justify the cost. Users of POSSE reported satisfaction scores of 90% when evaluating the business value provided to their organization.

Customer Experience in Brief

SoftwareReviews asked POSSE customers what they thought about using POSSE and the value they received. Here’s a summary of what they had to say: 

The Emotional Footprint

The Emotional Footprint is determined using a standard Net Promoter methodology. To assess the Emotional Footprint score of POSSE, users were asked to evaluate 25 individual emotional sentiments directly correlated to five Emotional Footprint areas:

1. Strategy and Innovation
2. Service Experience
3. Product Experience
4. Negotiation and Contract Experience
5. Conflict Resolution

The Net Emotional Footprint Score calculates the difference between the percentage of active promoters of POSSE and the percentage delivering negative responses.

POSSE Word Cloud

The SoftwareReviews Word Cloud aggregates the most commonly experienced sentiments held by POSSE users based on the data collected within the Emotional Footprint. At a glance, it helps evaluate the vendor-client relationship and product effectiveness. Word size is driven by the strength of the sentiment. Word color is driven by the number of reviews that share the sentiment.  

About the Data

SoftwareReviews collects in-depth quantitative and qualitative feedback data directly from verified end users about their experience with top enterprise software providers. Its proprietary online survey platform gathers more than 130 data points on each product, allowing end users to thoroughly evaluate their experiences using the software, from selection through purchase and service.

Every review is meticulously checked through a robust quality assurance process to ensure it is submitted by a real person with valid credentials for using the software. End-user experience and sentiment measures revealing product feature fit, perceived capabilities, business value drivers, and the quality of the provider relationship are accessible at both a high-level roll-up and a more detailed drill-down.

Key Results

POSSE Product Experience
+ 98
POSSE Service Experience
+ 100
Conflict Resolution Experience
+ 98

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