Michael Ardron and the Supervisor Training Course

Michael Ardron has been at Computronix over 16 years and has spent most of those years working as an Account

Manager; engaging with existing clients to build a relationship and help them to receive exceptional service from Computronix. Michael explains that one of the key factors in building this relationship is connecting with key stakeholders who are able to make long-term decisions and spearhead them through to completion.


Michael has also acted in a supervisory role several times throughout his career at Computronix and recently attended the Supervisor Training course.  This provided him with a refresh on the key elements of what is expected of a supervisor at Computronix. His impression of the course is that “It’s really about making sure that supervisors are ‘tapped in’ to the culture of the company because we have a really unique culture here, unlike any other place I’ve been.”


That culture is something that Michael takes pride in being part of and in passing on to others as a supervisor. Because Computronix values people’s needs, the Supervisor Training course teaches future supervisors how to care for their teams, make sure they have meaningful work, and support them in their growth and development. There are topics covered such as: how to deal with confrontation, how to have difficult conversations, and how to connect with supervisees in the way that they can best respond to. But through it all, Michael says “we always come back to the core values of respect, trust and serve. These core values really resonated throughout the course.”


The importance of Computronix’s core values comes up over and over when talking to Michael. It’s clear that for him, respecting, trusting, and serving others is truly at the core of his job and at the core of how he interacts with his supervisees.