Interview With Ron den Otter, Senior Business Analyst

For our Computronix employee interviews, we sit down with people from all levels of our company and ask them about their jobs, and what it’s like working for Computronix.


Oftentimes companies refer to their employees as a “team,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every employee is going to buy into the team mentality. Frequently, there will be people who prioritize their personal success over their co-workers’, or allow their egos to run rampant. However, Senior Business Analyst Ron den Otter says that not only is this not the case at Computronix, but in fact, in his opinion, “the sense of commitment to the team is our greatest strength.”


However, it wasn’t always that way for him. He’s worked for Computronix off and on for about 20 years total, first starting in 1979. He’s been in his current role since 2009. He describes himself as an extremely competitive person, but it was a process of learning and growing to be able to use that constructively. “Now, I look for mutual wins. I’m still competitive, but I don’t like crossing the finish line alone anymore.” This was something Ron learned during his years at Computronix, particularly through having leaders like Herman Leusink around to mentor him and correct him when necessary.


In return, he is now able to be a leader and a mentor to other employees, which he describes as his favorite part of his job, saying that “I love figuring out what people need and how I can help them.” Ron is able to do this in his role as a business analyst because really, the primary responsibility is to “figure out what clients really want and need, and try to ensure we can provide a win for them, as well as for us.” He has a PhD in counselling, and he explains that being a business analyst requires “basically the same skillset.”


More than anything else, what has kept him at Computronix over the years is the way that “Computronix chooses to put people first.” It really does feel like a team, and on any good team, “nobody wins if everybody doesn’t win.”