Interview With Daniel Magill, Developer

For our Computronix employee interviews, we sit down with people from all levels of our company and ask them about their jobs, and what it’s like working for Computronix.


At Computronix, employees are frequently given opportunities to learn and grow and try new things. A common mantra is that “we don’t put people in boxes.” If someone expresses an interest in a certain position or type of work, they are generally given the freedom to explore that interest. Likewise, if a supervisor sees that a member of their team has an aptitude in a certain area, they encourage them to develop that talent, and perhaps even allow them to take on new roles according to those strengths. Daniel Magill is an example of a Computronix employee who was able to do this.


Just six months after starting at the company, and while still a Developer 1, he became a support desk representative for the POSSE product. Typically, support desk reps are at least a Developer 2 or higher, and have been with the company for much longer than six months. However, Daniel quickly proved that he was more than capable of handling the steep learning curve and the new responsibilities that came with the position. He is quick to explain that it wasn’t a solo effort though. When an issue came in that was too challenging for him to solve on his own, he explained, “I could always talk to the product team, and they would give me the information I needed to either solve the issue or to figure out a solution on my own.”


After seven months as a support desk rep, he transitioned back into a development role. Because of the experience with and deep knowledge of POSSE that he gained from that position, he has been able to provide assistance to co-workers when they run into a difficult issue. Many clients have also benefitted from Daniel’s knowledge and skill. He recounts one particular time when a client’s search was taking upwards of five minutes to load each time, and he was successfully able to bring that down to less than five seconds.


From the support he received from co-workers when he personally encountered difficult problems, to the support he now offers others, support has been a big influence during Daniel’s two years at Computronix. Thus, it comes as no surprise that his first thought when he’s asked what his colleagues are best at is simply, “supporting each other.”