POSSE provides the ability to create, upload, and store documents and link them to any entities in the system. When a staff user searches for a permit, all associated documents—including application documents, inspection reports, permits, review notes, etc.—are accessible to the user. Document records can have any number of associated data attributes, including document type information, relevant dates, and associated notes. Searches for documents can reference any of these associated data attributes. The POSSE Archival Document Datastore (PADD) archives “stale” documents at a pre-determined interval into a separate document database. The documents in this database are dynamically linked to the associated business process in the Production and multiple other POSSE databases, providing historic documents with location transparency. POSSE also supports the ability to integrate directly with a third-party document management system. Any documents stored in the external document management system are directly linked from within POSSE and are instantly accessible to POSSE users as if they were directly present in the POSSE system.