POSSE PLS offers the best of both worlds: with a vast library of preconfigured workflows and permit types (based on ICC best practices), as well as full compatibility with your existing permitting structure and metadata. Attributes can be set and tailored for each type of permit through the POSSE PLS administration website, giving you the tools needed to tailor permits to your agency-specific requirements. POSSE PLS provides development, planning and code enforcement stakeholders with up-to-the-minute resource management data and tracking mechanisms for permits, plans and inspections. System triggers notify project participants when expedited outcomes require timely decisions, while collaborative workflows enable accessible ePlans’ group review and markup to ensure all stakeholders remain informed and engaged in progressing plans, permits and inspections to final approval. Empowered by POSSE’s workflow optimization capabilities, WebUI designed user interfaces effortlessly automate your business rules and compliance requirements within the overall wizard logic: presenting new information, queries and reminders, as needed, to guide customers to efficient task completion.