POSSE PLS provides a fully integrated electronic plan review solution. Plan review workflow is encapsulated within the overall application workflow, and the optional document markup tool for reviewers is a full-featured in-browser solution that is embedded within the POSSE PLS user interface. In addition to application fees charged at time of initial submission, the system can calculate additional fees for subsequent plan reviews and require the applicant to pay these fees before the reviews can begin. Standard POSSE PLS workflow dictates that documents be pre-screened by clerks before assigning review tasks to plan reviewers. Review assignments can be routed to reviewers based on the type of workflow activity (i.e. permit type), type of review, and additional administrable conditions. POSSE PLS will automatically detect submissions of subsequent document revisions based on filename and document metadata to facilitate version management. Because the ePlans review tool is natively integrated into POSSE PLS, plan review workflow is simply a subset of the broader application workflow. Documents are uploaded as part of the initial application wizard, and fee payment is required upon application submission.