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Engage Your End User Community for Feedback

Whatever your agency’s mandate your software system will inevitably provide services to end users.

Agencies utilizing a permitting & licensing system like POSSE PLS will count property developers, builders, inspectors, and business owners amongst their end users. Conversely, Alcoholic Beverage Control agencies utilizing a solution like POSSE ABC will include liquor licensees as well as wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and hospitality venues among their end users.

Before you articulate an innovation vision that transforms the service offering for this diverse group of constituents, it’s important that you engage with this community to fully understand how the current system fails to meet their needs and confirm what innovations will truly move the needle for them going forward.

Modern day governance is strongly focused on citizen engagement so it’s entirely possible that your agency will have existing infrastructure in place to help facilitate effective engagement and information gathering with your end user community. To maximize your efforts in this area, we recommend the following steps:

Ok, engaging with your external end users was a lot of work, but the good news is you now have a firm grasp what your product solution needs to make taxpayers excited and supportive of your project. Now it’s time to engage with the audience that will likely welcome you with open arms, your agency colleagues that are having to make do with an underperforming legacy system. It’s time to engage with your internal users.

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