Computronix Supports MADD

At Computronix, we want to be an active part of our community, which includes supporting organizations and causes that are making a difference in our neighborhoods and that are important to our employees. This can include financial support, volunteering, and even holding fundraising events at our offices.


One organization that has made a very personal difference for a Computronix employee is Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Shauna Allen, one of our Project Administrators, had an aunt who was hit and killed by a drunk driver several years ago. MADD supported Shauna and her family throughout the experience, going with the family to court dates and providing emotional care and support as well. Because of this, Shauna began to volunteer for MADD events and soon decided that it was something that Computronix could and should be involved with as well.


As she explains “Computronix should be involved because it is such a family organization and drunk driving leaves massive holes in families. MADD educates people, raises awareness, and tries to prevent families from experiencing this kind of loss ever again.”


The fundraising is focused around one of MADD’s major annual events, a walk called Strides for Change that is happening on August 27 this year. Shauna and several other Computronix staff members walked on the 27th, but she realized that even though not everyone could make it to the event, she could still have activities to “get everyone here involved in some way or another.”


To get that involvement, they held a hot dog lunch fundraiser and invited MADD representatives to come educate and share their stories with employees.  They also held a popcorn fundraiser the week before the run.


This year, a team of 11 Computronix employees (and two of their dogs) came out to Strides for Change, and walked or ran 5km each. As well, Computronix was able to raise nearly $4000 for MADD!