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How To Craft a Change Narrative to Inspire Innovation

In the final step of this process for Building a Consensus for Software System Replacement, you will develop a Pitch Presentation designed to build consensus among the key decision makers in your budget decision process. To ensure the success of that communication, you’ll need to set the hook with a concise ‘elevator pitch’ that captures the attention of the widest possible audience and inspires them to embrace change and seek innovation. Once articulated, this will become the unifying theme in your Pitch Presentation.

This is your Change Narrative.

Before we jump into what an effective Change Narrative looks like, let’s discuss what it is not:

To quickly and easily see how to craft an effective Change Narrative, let’s start with an effective example and reverse engineer it to identify the critical elements:

“Project eCLIPSE will transform the way residents, business owners and developers do business with the City of Philadelphia. It will eliminate redundancies and the need for in-person paperwork and payments while emphasizing accessibility and convenience for citizens,” said Mayor Nutter. “Over time, Project eCLIPSE will improve public safety, government efficiency and delinquent tax collections, reduce vacant and blighted properties across the City and help attract new businesses and development by easing the application, permit and payment processes.”
Former Mayor Michael A. Nutter
City of Philadelphia

Leveraging POSSE PLS, Project eCLIPSE was a truly transformative project for the City of Philadelphia generating $12M in recovered tax revenues while increasing trade license renewals by over 40% and business license renewals by 60% in the system’s first year. As exemplified in the above quote, civic leaders like Mayor Nutter leveraged an effective Change Narrative to galvanize budget support and maintain organizational commitment through the duration of the project.

Let’s dive into the details to identify the key elements in this winning narrative:

By association, an eclipse conveys a memorable moment of magnitude when one achievement surpasses another. In short, it is an inspiring and memorable word to summarize the ascent of a new solution replacing an outdated system. A core element in building consensus is inspiring people to remember your vision and associate it with a positive outcome. Brand to win budget allocation. It works!

Once you’ve landed on your preferred Change Narrative, test drive your ‘elevator pitch’ on some of your most ardent supporters and critics. Remember, you want this narrative to be as compelling and convincing as possible. Once you’ve fine tuned it to the point where it’s clearly setting the hook and exciting your audience to learn more, it’s time to move the final step in your plan to build consensus for your new software system. It’s time to develop your Pitch Presentation.

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