Community Development and Regulation Software (CDR)

Community Development & Regulation (i.e. CDR) Software Solutions, like our POSSE enterprise automation platform and its accompanying COTS+ solution for permitting & licensing (POSSE PLS), support a broad range of community planning, development and regulation functions within state and local governments.

Powered by POSSE CDR solutions include permitting, inspection, code enforcement and land management capabilities. Configurable to the most exacting business requirements, these fully integrated permitting processes enable government agencies to automate the operational workflows for various land, facility use, and construction permitting scenarios.

Community Development and Regulation Software Snapshot


For state and local governments evaluating Community Development and Regulation Software solutions, it is beneficial to assess CDR applications from the perspective of the key operational workflows, business rules, and service outcomes these enterprise applications support:

Community Development and Regulation 

  • COO/Inspections/Ongoing Enforcement
  • Intake and Application Processing
  • Land Entitlement
  • Permitting and Construction
  • Plan Review/Administrative Review

Code Enforcement

  • Lifecycle Case Management
  • Inspector Mobile App
  • GIS Map Integration
  • Reporting & Predictive Analysis
  • Connection to Legal

Customer Self-Service Usages

  • Payments
  • Service Requests
  • Scheduling
  • Status Checks

Back-Office Activities

  • Cross-Departmental Coordination

Foundational Capabilities

  • Workflow, Information and Document Management
Community Development and Regulation Software Utilization

Building Permit on multiple devices

From community development and planning to public works and environmental protection; the practical applications for CDR solutions are as broad and diverse as the state and local communities these applications empower.

Pre-configured COTS+ solutions like POSSE PLS include mature feature sets and automation workflows configurable to the needs of a diverse range of agency remits:

Land Management 

  • Land Management
    Supports the granting of land permissions for construction, parcel allocation, zoning, planning, etc.
  • Land Development Permitting
    Supports land use and construction permitting
  • Plan Review
    Supports blueprint/architectural plan review and markup processes associated with land development permitting
  • Inspection and Code Enforcement
    Supports regulations and code compliance including inspections/site visits, complaint intake, violations notification, ticketing and public reports/notices
Community Development & Regulation Software Integrations


Fully integrated CDR software solutions like POSSE PLS offer a diverse menu of integration options extending the capabilities of the enterprise platform across a wide operational footprint, in turn yielding greater economies of scale and return on investment on your agency’s initial software investment.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • Configurable Reports
  • Role Specific Dashboards
  • Visualization Capabilities

Citizen Self-Service Portals

  • Portal & App Development Tools
  • Business Rules & Data Integration
  • Mobile Optimized Templates
  • Chat Support


  • Inspection Scheduling & To Do Lists
  • Inspection Checklists
  • Inspector App
  • Searchable Code References

Plan Review

  • Plan Review & Collaboration
  • Electronic Document Review
  • Complete Review Cycle


  • Location Based Permit, Enforcement, and Licensing Searches
  • Task Initiation (Permit, Compliant, etc.) from a Map View
  • Correlated Case, Business and Code Reference


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