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Business License Software

Business License Software for Local Governments

Our POSSE PLS Business & Professional Licensing Module handles all licensing needs for your jurisdiction, including application, amendment, enforcement, and renewal activities. When someone wants to apply for a business or a professional/trade license, they’ll see a consolidated, simple interface to determine they have all required documentation, legal requirements, and other information necessary to get licensed. Our powerful workflow functionality automatically routes the license application to all required departments in order to complete necessary review and approval steps.

Business License Software

Empower Your Staff with Information at their Fingertips

Your staff will benefit from a single integrated source of all information required to manage licenses, including:

Customer Self-Service

Through the public website, your business owners also enjoy the PLS Business & Professional Licensing Module’s capabilities:

Business Licensing Software

POSSE PLS includes a powerful license management module. For workflows related to licensing activities, such as issuance, renewals, and expirations, users are actively guided through business process workflows from initiation to completion. POSSE PLS ensures that each work step is carried out correctly, completely, and consistently, based on your business rules and requirements.


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