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Secure Innovation: Strengthening the Business Case for Cloud Adoption

In Parts One and Two of this series, we examined the severe escalation of nation state cybersecurity threats towards state & local governments, the key factors that render public sector agencies increasingly vulnerable to such threats, and the critical role that cloud adoption can play in defending information security.

While the business case for improved cybersecurity from migration to the cloud is singularly compelling on its own, it is equally important that government agencies consider the other key efficiencies that cloud adoption provides—particularly in conjunction with a compatible Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation. In doing so, we can better visualize the full organization-wide impact of a prospective SaaS implementation, thus making a stronger business case for your agency’s cloud adoption beyond the cybersecurity threat protection alone that has historically struggled to gain sufficient budget allocation.

Considering a prospective cloud adoption from a wider SaaS perspective empowers state & local agencies to quantify organizational wins realized far beyond the conventional IT procurement scope of infrastructure platform replacement. Through this wider lens, cloud adoption can be more accurately appraised as both, A) cost effective data security infrastructure and, B) an innovation engine that can be leveraged in strategic fashion to improve access to data and insights, streamline operational workflows, and fast-track the delivery of digital centric citizen services.

To better understand how an agency specific SaaS implementation can help to make a more impactful organization-wide business case for cloud adoption, let’s examine a common implementation scenario: a SaaS Permitting & Licensing System (PLS) for a local/municipal government agency.

As true enterprise scale software solutions, modern Permitting & Licensing Systems are sufficiently robust to enable the automation of both internal workflows and citizen services across a diverse range of activities including building, planning, engineering, permitting, inspections, code enforcement, and more. The relatively deep footprint and organizational scope of these systems makes them exceptionally well suited to leverage the full capabilities of an accompanying cloud platform. As a result, quantifying the agency benefits from a considered PLS implementation can also help to identify many of the concurrent benefits derived from the underlying cloud implementation—whether the cloud implementation is organization wide or limited to the scope of your permitting & licensing system alone.

Compatible implementation benefits from cloud adoption supporting a SaaS PLS

Next up, in the final segment of this series, we’ll examine how the Computronix suite of COTS+ solutions leverage cloud technology to provide a secure innovation platform for state and local agencies pursuing a mutually compatible agenda of digital service transformation in conjunction with stringent cybersecurity compliance.

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