Top 5 Building Blocks for a
Modern Permitting & Licensing System

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1. Workflow Agility & Extensibility

The key building block for today’s modern permitting and licensing system is the ability of the software to be agile and extensible in meeting both the current and future requirements for your agency as citizen and business demands evolve. When properly designed as a flexible workflow automation and business rules engine, best-in-breed permitting & licensing systems like POSSE PLS enable the organizational best practices that empower government agencies to thrive with:

Data Empowered Decision Making

Citizen Engagement & Transparency

Rapid Response & Service Innovation

Intra-Agency & Stakeholder Cooperation

Extensibility Building Blocks:

  • Versatile software systems capable of running in government, public, and/or private clouds
  • A robust package of published and actively maintained APIs
  • Support for extended functionality via pre-packaged linkages
  • System infrastructure connecting government across departments, agencies, and jurisdictions
  • Improved responsiveness of citizen services assisted by increased data accessibility between government employees and third-party partners

Agility Building Blocks:

  • System architecture designed to support evolving agency and regulatory requirements
  • Out-of-box configurations to hasten implementation of defined solution requirements
  • Core-functionality references provide clear starting points for tailoring solutions beyond out-of-the-box configurations
  • Workflows are easily reconfigured to meet advancing permitting & licensing requirements

2. Self-Service Citizen Portal

Accessible, easy-to-use digital services are more important than ever in today’s world. Satisfying the need for convenient, self-service: a mobile friendly citizen portal features seamless GIS integration and easy-to-follow automation assisted workflows. Simultaneously reducing agency overheads while improving taxpayer satisfaction, a robust citizen portal is a key building block for today’s modern permitting & licensing system.

Citizen Portal Building Blocks:

  • Easily completed forms with pre-loaded fields & automation assistance
  • Ability to schedule inspections, perform transactions and pay fees
  • Capability to submit and track permit applications online
  • Citizens/Stakeholders have full visibility on project workflow and status
  • Citizen services available via cellphones, tablets, and PCs
  • Permitting services available on a 365/24/7 basis
  • Easy portal operability without training or assistance required
  • User-friendly tools for managing and updating portal content
  • GIS integration facilitating rich visualizations to access code/zoning information, view land parcel permit history, and map/route inspections
  • Site assets easily designed & published to agency brand requirements
  • Low code development environment suitable for non-technical users
  • Fully web responsive with HTML 5 compliance
  • ADA compliant

3. GIS Integration

Seamless integration with Esri® ArcGIS transforms daily business processes in the office, in the field, and online, with rich mapping visualizations and spatial data analytics. From detailed analysis of project footprints and subject properties to job location mapping, distance & boundary verification, and map originated permit processes, a robust permitting solution must incorporate data-rich GIS integration to maximize task visualization and efficiency.

GIS Integration Building Blocks:

  • Ability to work with point, line and area map objects with real-time access to spatial information processing
  • Capability to visually relate GIS objects on a map (such as permit application to a flood zone) 
  • Quickly locate and display an activity type or group of activities (e.g., permits, inspections, licenses, etc.) on a map for contextual geospatial referencing and informed decision-making
  • Select all permit or license activity within a specified geographic boundary, then automatically generate notification letters for all parcel owners in the selected buffer zone
  • GIS data access and data sharing eliminates the continued
    overhead of constantly moving data between systems via the use of external supported data structures, facilitating a system wherein GIS data and functionality are utilized in a single, seamless environment

  • Initiate a permit application or a complaint workflow directly from a map selection

  • Drop an identifying pin on a map to locate an associated complaint

  • Paste map images into management reports, advertisements, or other printed and electronic documents

4. Mobile Tools for Field Inspectors

To maximize their efficiency in today’s world, inspectors require the full capabilities of their office in the field. Having access to robust mobile tools provides field workers with fast, efficient workflows based on their specific task needs.

Mobile Tools Building Blocks:

  • Mobile tools to equip all code enforcement and field inspection tasks
  • Fully integrated online and offline solution; purpose built rather than ‘bolted on’
  • Job ready to-do-lists, tasks, checklists and scheduling features
  • GIS integration equipping rich visualizations for efficient scheduling, routing and investigation of violations
  •  Windows, Android and iOS device compatible
  • Ability to attach and markup photos/videos to document issues
  • Integrated voice recognition allows inspectors to verbally record inspection notes with automatic transcription.
  • Inspections results instantly available to other internal staff users.
  • Inspectors can email inspection receipts and print from their devices.
  • Agency-specific point-and-touch checklists with related job details (including relevant license documents, conditions, and warnings)

5. Management Reports

A modern permitting and licensing system empowers decision makers with information accessibility and transparency to equip effective data-driven planning and processes. Leveraging web-based ad-hoc reporting enables the easy creation/sharing of custom reports and dashboards, putting today’s agencies on a firm foundation with rich data for sound decision making. 


Management Reports Building Blocks

  • Real-time agency performance assessment with visually rich reports
  • A 100% browser-based environment enabling reports run on desktops and mobile device, anytime and anywhere.
  • Ability to create clean, attractive 3D charts, flexible grids, and visual groupings to easily envision your data.
  • Create summaries, subtotals, calculations, and formats, employing flexible and dynamic smart filters to get the information you really need to make informed decisions
  • A simple point-and-click report design environment intended for standard business users empowering easy report creation
  • A system that understands the ‘shape’ of your data and automatically guides the user as to what kinds of data can be linked together to produce the desired report
  • Ability to easily modify previously created reports and save variations
  • Capability to print and email reports, or export them to popular file formats such as Word, Excel, and PDF