eBook: Building Consensus for Software System Replacement

How to Create Stakeholder Momentum to Secure Project Funding

Building Consensus eBook
With over 50% of American Rescue Plan funds still not budgeted with states having until 2024 to obligate the funds, the question is no longer, “Where can we get the funding and what we can we spend it on?” but, “Who is going to get it?”

Pandemic relief funding has created an unprecedented budget allocation for local and state/provincial agencies.


Unprecedented access to project funding is a boon for government leaders striving to modernize their software systems and digital services, but competition amongst agencies both internally and across jurisdictions is fierce.


To secure the necessary budget allocation for your agency, you must have an effective action plan to build consensus among your various stakeholders. Doing so will require some fact finding and bridge building, but in addition to securing your funds, these efforts will pay dividends in the long run—ensuring that your future system meets or exceeds the needs for all involved.

Topics Covered in this eBook


The government leaders that are most successful in securing funding for technology initiatives are those that can present an exciting vision for the future and advocate on behalf of the investment needed to make that future a reality.


Before you articulate an innovation vision , it’s important that you engage with your end users to understand how the current system fails to meet their needs and what innovations will truly move the needle for yours diverse stakeholders going forward.


How to set the hook with a concise ‘elevator pitch’ that captures the attention of the widest possible audience and inspires them to embrace change and seek innovation. Once articulated, this will become the unifying theme in your Pitch Presentation.

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